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Wim Rautenbach Artist Elizabeth Gordon Gallery Durban


Wim Rautenbach

Born in 1975, Wim Rautenbach blossomed his passion for art during his time at Hoerskool Randburg, leading him to pursue a National Diploma in Fine Arts at Technikon, Pretoria. There, he specialized in painting and art history, furthering his expertise in figure drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and ceramics.

Wim began his career as a freelance artist, taking on a myriad of commissioned works, with his most notable assignment being 26 oil portraits of the staff at the Faculty of Engineering of Tswane University of Technology.

Inspired by KZN artist Anton Benzon during an art course in 2001, Wim transitioned his focus to landscape painting. He celebrated his first solo exhibition at the Coetzee Roux Gallery in 2002, followed by three more exhibitions. His work was further showcased at the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery through a solo exhibition in 2008 and a group exhibition in 2009.

Traveling extensively across South Africa, Wim sources inspiration from the very landscapes he captures, grounding his work in authentic experiences of space and environment.

His work, described as "landscapes with feeling," showcases his spontaneous honesty through free, loose brush strokes, a balanced use of dark accents, and a slightly out-of-focus style that invites viewers into a compelling visual exploration.

Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay

Oil on canvas

600 x 800 mm


Stream Rosendal

Oil on canvas

450 x 600 mm


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