Gallery Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am-4pm; Saturday 9am-1pm

Gallery Services

At the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, we extend our commitment to art beyond the exhibition space. Our carefully curated suite of services seeks to enrich your personal or corporate art journey with an unparalleled experience.

Art Consultant

The Elizabeth Gordon Gallery offers expertise through personalized consultations, both in the comfort of your home and office. We’re ready to guide you, tailoring our advice to your unique aesthetic preferences and requirements.

Art Framing Shop

Specialists in conservation framing, we marry aesthetics with preservation, offering an exclusive collection of handmade and hand-gilded frames. All framing is conducted within our premises, ensuring quality that aligns with the refined taste of our patrons.

Fine Art Prints

For those in search of distinctive prints, we offer an eclectic selection of quality prints. The Gallery prides itself on sourcing unique materials to assist you in creating the ambiance and theme you envision.

Art Restoration

Acknowledging the importance of conservation, we offer professional restoration services for artworks. Our experts are equipped to preserve the aesthetics and value of your art collection, understanding the toll our harsh Durban climate can have on such treasures.

Frame Restorations

We breathe new life into old frames, offering restoration services tailored to your specifications. Trust us to rekindle the charm of your favourite frames with the care of our passionate restorer.

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