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Art Restoration

At Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, we are acutely aware of the intricate relationship between art and time. In the tropical climate of Durban, oil paintings, paper artworks, and even the frames that cradle them, are particularly vulnerable. That's why we've meticulously selected a team of skilled restorers to help you protect, rejuvenate, and even revive your cherished art collection and its accompaniments.

Restoration of Oil Works

Ekkehard Hans, our master of oil works restoration, enriches our gallery with his international background.

Born in Germany, he honed his skills at the University of Applied Science and Arts in Cologne, subsequently earning his Masters in Conservation of Fine Arts Objects. His qualifications paved the way for him to work in renowned museums, art galleries, and churches across Europe.

In 2005, love brought him to South Africa where he now dedicates his craft to the preservation of artworks in museums, galleries, and auction houses.

Restoration of Frames

Our frame restoration services focus on breathing new life into the structures that house your art.

By blending traditional techniques with modern precision, we offer re-gilding and restoration to refresh and preserve the beauty of your favorite frames, always according to your specific preferences.

Visit us at the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, where we're committed to maintaining the integrity and vibrancy of your art pieces. We provide consultations, quotes, and expert recommendations for the care of your treasured collection, delivering restoration services that mirror the love and respect we share for the enduring power of art.

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