Hugh Mbayiwa

Zimbabwean Hugh Mbayiwa captures many aspects of daily rural living, inspired by his time spent teaching around Harare. His bold use of colour and a spontaneous naïve style gives a charm to his portrayals of life in the countryside of Zimbabwe. He manages to find beauty in the simple aspects of life and combines this with a sense of humour which come together to create a unique painting.

Hugh was born in Zimbabwe in 1973 and although he spends time visiting and painting in South Africa, he is a true and patriotic Zimbabwean. After completing his A levels, Hugh went onto study at the BAT Visual Studio in Harare. As a final year student he was invited to exhibit at the National Gallery, Zimbabwe.

Now, as a full time artist, he has had many a successful exhibitions and has sold works to numerous clients around the globe.

Hugh has become extremely popular in South Africa and is represented at the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery in Durban, where he annually holds exhibitions.

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Business Hours

8 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday

9 am – 12.30 pm Saturday

Contact Details


120 Florida Road

Durban, South Africa