Renee Leslie

Leslie left teaching in 2005 to pursue her passion for art . Leslie’s style is intuitive , loose and immediate , focusing on expressive mark making . She favours using mixed media , collage and drawing with various tools on prepared backgrounds . Oil paintings is a more recent exploration . Jeanette Gilks has been by far the greatest influence in her art life and working with Gilks’ advanced drawing group , the Garret Artists , for the past 20 years . She has also benefitted from painting tuition from Maggie Strachan and Dee Donaldson , as well as the generous sharing of knowledge by other artists . She has been on many group exhibitions in various South African cities since 2000 , including Jabulisa , the art and craft exhibition of KZN which happens every 4 years , in 2010 . In 2007 she was awarded second place in the KZNSA Members Exhibition“The Naked Truth “ with work titled “ Alzheimer’s Isolation “ .

Karoo Succulents 1 ac 110 x 90 cm fr.

Karoo Succulents 2 ac 110 x 90 cm fr.

Desert Plants 116 x 113 cm ac fr.

Excersing 1 bw 730 x 640 fr.

Excersing 2 bw 730 x 640 fr.

All the Worlds a Stage 1 a/c 110 x 100 fr.

All the world's a Stage 2 a/c 110 x 100 fr.

Beach Scapes San Lameer bw 660 x 630

Beach Scapes Empanyati bw 660 x 630

Beach Scapes Noordhoek 1 bw 660 x 630

Beach Scapes Noordhoek 2 bw 660 x 630

Karoo1110 x 105 ac

Karoo 2 110 x 105 ac

Karoo Plants Framed 110 x 105 ac

Bystander ac on cb 107 x 100 fr.

Power Play ac on cb 107 x 100 fr.
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