Dawn Rouse Photography

Dawn Rouse is a Durban, South Africa based photographer who works in multiple fields.

With published photos in local and national publications, Dawns commercial work spans advertisinig events, portraiture and pet shoots.

Dawn can be found out and about around Durban, camera at ready, collecting images of well known landmarks, people at work and play, or artifacts for still life studies.

Her real passion is for Durban beaches where she has built a reputation for her surfing shots.

The botanical photographs featured her are signed and printed on archival paper. They can be printed to any size, in colour, black and white or sepia, on paper, or can be printed onto canvas.

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Aloe I 650 x 840 fr.

Aloe II 650 x 840 fr.

Aloe III 650 x 840 fr.

Aloe IV 650 x 840 fr.

Aloe V 650 x 840 fr.

Aloe VI 650 x 840 fr.

Palm Pod II

Palm Pods I

Palm Pods with Fruit I

Palm Pods with Fruit II

Rock Rose I

Rock Rose II

Aloe with Flowers I

Aloe with Flowers II

Agapanthus I

Agapanthus 2

Agapanthus 3
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