Sue Martin

Sue was born and educated in Natal where she completed a Fine Arts Degree at the University of  Natal. She now lives in Johannesburg. Over the years Sue has experimented with various media and disciplines, which include oil on canvas, monoprint, oil on paper, oil on papyrus and oil on wood veneer.

Her subject matter is essentially about figures within a landscape. Walking, or floating above, together or alone. The images are derived either from Sue’s personal experience or from archival photographs.

Her most recent work “Positive Space” incorporates photographs taken with a pinhole camera, recording the ‘moods’ of the South African Landscape while traveling. These have been hand printed and then boxed with a piece of perspex floating above the surface. On this translucent surface she has painted with oils and ink.  The images have a dreamlike quality. She invites the viewer into the space to interpret their own meaning.

Sue’s work has sold both locally and internationally.
She is represented in KZN by the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery in Durban.
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