Nicole Pletts

Nicole Pletts was born in Durban in 1964.  She has been painting for twelve years – professionally for eight years. 

Nicole is generally drawn to light and/or movement.  She uses all her own images and likes taking photographs early morning or late afternoon when the colours are more subdued.  She also prefers backlighting where possible.  

Nicole is currently Vice-President of the KZNSA in Durban and has been a council member for five years. She is also involved in Arts Interactive.  

Nicole has participated in many group exhibitions – Casa Labia in CapeTown with Makiwa Mathomba, KZNSA with Pascale Chandler and Marianne Meijer, KZNSA Members Exhibition annually since 2004 and ArtSpace Durban (Conglomerart).

Nicole was a finalist for SASOL New Signatures 2009 (Pretoria Art Museum) and Jabulisa  2006 (Tatham Art Gallery Pmb).

“As a middle class white female, I was brought up where the “Woman stayed at home and men worked” mentality.  Hence most of my artwork is primarily male dominated starting with a “men at work” theme a few years ago which threads a continuous pattern through my work today. My subdued tonal paintings seem to play havoc with people’s perception of me as a person.  They see me as bright and bubbly – and find the work I produce out of character.  People seem to enjoy putting a label on artwork or on the artist.  I don’t spend time analysing or questioning why I paint what I do, or why I use muted colours (especially brown as it is my singularly most disliked colour in the every respect – and yet it is the colour I use most). I am acutely aware of images around me and constantly keep a camera on hand in order not to miss any lost opportunities.” 

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Durban Harbour o/c 1520 x 910

Inland from Blue Lagoon 1500 x 920 oc

Misty Midland 1500 x 920 oc

Yacht Mole 1500 x 920 oc

Workload oc 700 x 1000 unfr
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