Lisa-Jane Hamlin

Lisa- Jane Hamlin was born in Durban, KZN in 1966.

After finishing school, Lisa-Jane attended the University of Natal where she obtained a Social Science degree majoring in Economics, Marketing and Business Administration.

After traveling overseas for a year she began her career with the Spar Group of Southern Africa at the Head Office in Durban.  She pursued various areas of marketing and advertising during her ten years with the Group.

Although she has always had an interest in photography she was lucky enough to be trained and guided by Angela Buckland, a renowned Durban photographer.  Her group of amateur students held an exhibition of their works in June 2008.

She and her family love the outdoors and spend much of their free time in the Zululand bush, the Midlands and at the Coast from where she draws inspiration from her environment.  She is passionate about South Africa and feels it is such a privilege to be able to capture aspects of our magnificent country on film.

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Acacia Portrait I bw photo 780 x 810 fr

Acacia Portrait II bw photo 780 x 810 fr

Acacia Tortilis bw photo 1070 x 900 fr

Acacia robusta bw photo 1070 x 900 fr

Leadwood bw photo 1070 x 900 fr

Marula bw photo 1070 x 900 fr

Marula II 1020 x 800 fr

Marula III 1020 x 800 fr

Marula IV 1020 x 800 fr

Knobthorn I 800 x 880 fr

Knobthorn II 800 x 880 fr

Knobthorn III 800 x 880 fr
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