Hussein Salim

Hussein Salim was born in Karima, Sudan in 1966 and graduated at the College of Fine and Applied Arts, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Khartoum in 1994.
In 2007 he obtained an MA in Fine Arts at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, PMB.
He currently resides in PMB.
Hussein’s richly textured canvases employ an extravagant layering technique to create a dense impasto feel. He uses personal symbolism that is at once ancient as it is contemporary.
Hussein’s paintings are a dialogue between different cultures and represent his strong feelings that art must be used as a tool to help initiate this dialogue. Salim’s Sudanese background, and the fact that Sudan is a melting pot of diverse African cultures, further strengthens his paintings. Through these works Salim awakens in us an appreciation of our differences and diverse reactions, but then brings us back to the shared foundation of mankind.

His paintings, founded and steeped in a fondness for diversity, thus sympathize with any fight that challenges dimensional predominance, may it be economical, religious or cultural.
He is represented in major national collections within Africa, Europe and the USA.

A group of framed oils on paper grouped in a clients home.

Sun Shiney Day 1100 x 900 fr. o/p

Ball of Fun op 110 x 90 fr. a/p

Orange and Pinks op 850 x 600 unfr.

Woman in Green 800 x 680 fr. op

Mama and Mates 110 x 90 fr. a/p

Ode to Animals 110 x 90 fr. a/p

Imagining 2000 x 1700 ac

Last Wish 1500 x 1500 ac

Dogs of Africa 1 mm 1100 x 900 fr.

Dogs of Africa 2 mm 1100 x 900

Dogs of Africa 3 mm 1100 x 900

Dogs of Africa 4 mm 1100 x 900

Busting out op 63 x 66 fr.

Green Pastrues 63 x 66 fr.

Owl op 32 x 32 fr.

The Kiss 63 x 66 fr.

A Blue Form 63 x 66 fr.

Checkerboard 63 x 66 fr.

Hussein Salims at CP Interiors

6 Hussein Salims at CP Interiors

In the Queue 1 880 x 600 fr. op

In the Queue 2 880 x 600 fr. op

In the Queue 3 880 x 600 fr. op
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