Ezequeil Mabote

Ezequeil was born in Gaza Province, Mozambique, in 1979.
After school in Maputo, Ezequeil attended the Nucleo de Arte.
He feels he learned most from observing the textile workers and designers and wood carvers of Mozambique. He was very influenced by the late Samuel Mbingilo, a woodcut artist from Nambia.

Today Ezequeil has made woodcut art his speciality. He is living and working in Durban, KZN and is considered one of our foremost woodcut artists. He also enjoys painting, sculpture and bookbinding. The Elizabeth Gordon Gallery has used his work successfully in hotels, offices and homes in KZN.

Ezequeil produces images that reflect his childhood memories – people at work, leisure and prayer. He illustrates traditional folk tales and family stores told to him by his grandparents.

Ezequeil has exhibited through out SA and in different parts of the United States. Having recently completed some wall murals for a chain in Johannesburg he received a large commission for work in Dubai.

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A Home in Africa woodcut 900 x 670 unfr

Durban View woodcut 670 x500 unfr

Happy Fish II woodcut 900 x 670 unfr

Happy Fish I woodcut 900 x 670 unfr

Masaai Kike woodcut 670 x 900 unfr

Masaai Murran woodcut 670 x 900 unfr

Johannesburg View woodcut 670 x 500

Village Fruit Collectors woodcut 670 x 510

My Dream Home woodcut 900 x 670 unfr

Village Life w cut 970 x 850 fr

Village Mothers woodcut 750 x 550 unfr.

A Good Fishing Day woodcut 750 x 550 unfr.

Dancing Together woodcut 550 x 650 unfr.

Round Table Talk woodcut 550 x 650 unfr.

Sun Shining Day woodcut 550 x 650 unfr.

The Women Meeting woodcut 550 x 650 unfr.
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