Bruce Backhouse

Bruce Backhouse was born in Pietermaritzburg, KZN in 1950.
He studied fine art at Rhodes University under Brian Bradshaw. He then gained work experience as an Art Director and Creative Director at various ad agencies in South Africa for 25 years.

Bruce lives in Johannesburg and in 2004 he became a full-time artist. In 2006 he studied at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

He focuses primarily on landscapes, executed in watercolour. Although very versatile in figural satires he is concerned mainly with the contemporary landscape, falling within the genre of traditional landscape painting. He believes that the average South African landscape has been over exploited to a point where it is no longer visually challenging to either post-modern artist or viewer. In trying to review the genre, his aim is to make people question and think differently about landscape in watercolour. It is a journey for both artist and viewer.

The evolution of the viewer is key to the fundamental premise upon which the works are formed – Backhouse aims to supply more visual material for the viewer to assimilate, valuate and enjoy. “This is a key element of what I am trying to communicate” he says, “the single snap shot of one time is now a multiple view landscape, relating directly to our environment in the technological age and the viewers growing visual sophistication.”

Backhouse has held several solo and group exhibitions throughout SA. His works have been bought by major banks and corporations and by private collectors throughout the world.
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I Love Durbs Skateboarder wc 380 x 580 unfr

Durban Strollers wc 380 x 580 unfr

Durban Beach Atmosphere I wc 770 x 280 unfr.

Durban Beach Atmosphere III 770 x 280 unfr. wc

Durban Beach Atmosphere IV wc 770 x 280 unfr.

Durban Beach Atmosphere V wc 770 x 280 unfr.

Durban Beach wc 780 x 270
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