Hussein Salim at Beechwood Market 19TH – 22ND OCTOBER 2017

I have, over the last few years enjoyed a visit to Joburg to see family and friends and always made sure I coincided the weekend visit to October, for the Beechwood Gardens Open Days. I have so enjoyed wandering through the glorious gardens and was really impressed with the market last year, that this year I thought I would participate in the fun and buzz of the Golden City! Hussein Salim is one of the best selling artists in my gallery in Durban, the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery and I thought the Beechwood Market would provide an opportunity to display his works. Hussein was born in the Sudan, and graduated at the University of Science and Technology in Khartoum. After leaving the Sudan as a refugee and spending several years in Europe he was sponsored to come to South Africa to do his MA in Fine Arts at the University of KwaZulu – Natal, Pietermaritzburg. Having accomplished this, he and his family settled in PMB where he works as an artist and lectures at the University. Hussein’s works, both on canvas and paper, employ a rich layering technique to create a dense impasto feel. His works pulsate with energy made possible by the adept co-mingling of colour and line. His line use is often lyrical and draws from the ancient wisdom of the Middle East, Africa and India. His use of colours stir emotively and their vibrancy creates a sensual element to his works. For practical reasons, only his oils on paper, will be on exhibition at the Beechwood Market. I will be displaying two sizes, some framed, and others just mounted, backed and wrapped. And the best part of it is, for this quality work, Hussein’s prices are realistic and reasonable. I hope to see you at Beechwood! Joy Reynolds Phone 082 2100 641

Beechwood Gardens, Hyde Park JHB.

Women of Africa 1 o/p mounted 45 x 90.

Women of Africa 2 o/p mounted 45 x 90.

Women of Africa 3 o/p mounted 45 x 90.

Women of Africa 4 o/p mounted 45 x 90.

Women of Africa 5 o/p mounted 45 x 90.

Women of Africa 6 o/p mounted 45 x 90.

Women of Africa 7 o/p mounted 45 x 90.

Images op 50

Fever op 50

Feathered Friends op 50

Turquoise Heart op 50

Orange Forms op 50

Well Fed op 50

Shapes op 50

Forms op 50

Mythical Dog op 50

Red Heart Tree op 35

Antelope op mounted 45 x 90

Astride op 630 x 660 fr.

Black Robe op 630 x 660 fr

Dog op mounted 45 x 90

Heart Face op mounted 45 x 90

Happiness op mounted 45 x 90
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Hussein Salim at Beechwood Market 19TH – 22ND OCTOBER 2017
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